June is Here!

Lately I have been doing lots of learning. Last week I participated in a four day Healthy Breast Foundations Program with Dr. Sat Dharam Kaur. Directly following this course, I learned more about the mind/body connection, specifically as it relates to cancer, with Dr. Gabor Mate. Mate wrote the book, “When the Body Says No”.  I recommend checking it out.

The Healthy Breast Foundations Program was developed as a way to educate women in naturopathic and yogic ways to prevent and treat breast cancer. As a health promoter, I have always been interested in empowering women to increase control over, and enhance, their health. In Canada, one in nine women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her life and the incidence of the disease is rising.

Here are 6 Breast Health Tips you can incorporate into your life to decrease risk:

  • Exercise at least 40 minutes every day. Find something you love. Yoga, swimming, cycling, brisk walking‬.
  • Take regular relaxation breaks every 2-3 hours throughout the day for about 20 minutes to alleviate stress. Try deep breathing, have a cup of herbal tea, draw your attention inwards. Read the Twenty Minute Break by Ernest Rossi.
  • Eat organic food whenever possible.‬
  • Develop the ability to say “no” when you mean it, rather than ignoring your needs to please others.‬
  • Store food in glass, ceramic or stainless steel containers.‬
  • Find a spiritual practice that connects you to others and the universal energy, and use that practice to strengthen hope, faith and love.‬

Yoga helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer and is a healing modality. Through yoga, you learn to tune into your body. You move and honour your body using deep breathing to promote a sense of ease. When you practice with others, you build community and support. Importantly, yoga offers a pathway for re-establishing an authentic connection with ourselves.  

One of the best ways to encourage equilibrium in our bodies, despite the stresses of life in a busy urban environment, is through breathing. When we feel stressed and anxious we can begin the practice of deep, conscious, slow breathing. Deep breathing calms the mind and body. You can do this any time, anywhere, formally or informally. 

I invite you to select one of the 6 Breast Health Tips above and try to incorporate it into your life. What can you do to become a healthier person? If you wish support with yoga, meditation, breathing or relaxation exercises, please feel free to contact me.

My teaching schedule has shifted for the summer months. In addition to teaching at 889 Yonge, Octopus Garden and the Four Seasons Hotel, I am delighted to be teaching more individual private yoga sessions. I love working in this very personal way. I get to learn more about you individually (your needs and issues) and then tailor sessions specifically to you.

Enjoy your summer.