Off the Mat - Yoga for All

You know that I am all about making yoga accessible and available. There are simple ways that we can sneak yoga in to our days without rolling out our mats. Many people are up against this thought:  “Work keeps me too busy to get to yoga.” If this is you, here are 5 practical things that you can do to bring yoga into your life, beginning from when you wake up.  


When you wake up, instead of reaching for the electronic device, take three deep, slow delicious breaths to greet yourself and begin your day. Connect to your life force.

Set an intention for your day

An intention is a clear, motivational wish for you. In yoga we use the term “Sankalpa”. You might ask yourself what principle you want to embody for the day. It could be truth, kindness, humility, gratitude or authenticity. You might say quietly to yourself, "kindness is my nature". 

Watch your thoughts

“As we think, as we are." It all goes down in your mind! But, we are much more than our mind. Compassionately observe your thoughts without attaching to them.

Every hour, move it

If you sit at a computer all day, get up, move and stretch. Get a drink of water. Get the blood flowing. Here are 2 stretches to ease desk strain:

Seated Pigeon
* Sit in your chair. Place your right ankle over your left thigh.Take a deep breath in and lengthen your spine. As you exhale fold forward maybe placing your hands on a desk in front of you. Stay for a few breaths as you stretch out your lower back and right hip. Change sides.

Eagle Arms (in Sanskrit, Garudasana)
* Stand tall or sit in your chair. Reach your arms out in front of your chest. Cross the right arm over the left as you bend both elbows, perhaps bringing the palms of your hands together. Keep your elbows shoulder height. Breathe as you bring awareness to expanding the upper back. Change sides. If this is too difficult, wrap your arms around your torso and give yourself a huge hug.

Cultivate Gratitude

At the end of the day, summon acceptance and appreciation for what is. Find a quiet moment to identify one thing that you feel grateful for. It can be big or small. Feel it; soak it up. In yoga, we may use the Sanskrit term “Santosha” to describe one's ability to practice feeling satisfaction and contentment with one’s experience.

Practice these things and join me for group or private yoga classes. Contact me directly for private yoga bookings.