Transition to Fall

I hope this post finds you well as we enjoy our last days of summer and begin the transition to fall. I love autumn. It feels like a fresh start to me. Some of us send kids back to school, while others may return more regularly to our yoga mats.

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I am excited to share my new yoga teaching schedule with you. I am teaching public classes weekly at 889 Yoga and Octopus Garden. I say goodbye to a Thursday evening Restorative class at Octopus Garden and hello to a new Gentle Yoga class there on Wednesdays at 12:30 pm. This class puts into practice one of my values; making yoga accessible to everyone. Join me for a new Flow and Restore yoga class on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm at 889 Yoga. Those of you who cannot join me during the day for my popular Thursday morning class can get the best of both worlds; dynamic flow and relaxing restorative poses in this deeply satisfying class. How good does this sound? Make a point of ending your day with me. 

Another significant part of my teaching repertoire is private yoga. You can learn with me, one on one, or you can choose to share the time with a friend or partner. I travel to your home with the necessary yoga props and will tailor the sessions to your unique needs and interests. Alternatively, 889 Yoga has a dedicated private yoga space that we can reserve. Contact me directly if you want to organize a private lesson.

Our greatest wealth is our health. I know this to be true. Regular practice of yoga fosters greater connection, intimacy and presence. When we practice regularly, mindfully, and whole-heartedly, transformation occurs. As we begin a new season, take some time to figure out how you can make yoga a routine part of your life this fall. Yes, energy, effort and discipline are required. Make a conscious choice to show up. I am here to help. See you on the mat. 


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