YOGA - A Tool for Self Awareness & Transformation

I practice yoga to better know myself. I have long been fascinated with transformation and how people change. Throughout the years, I have been involved with social work, education, and now predominately yoga. Why yoga? This is a vital question I keep asking myself. I teach yoga because I want to help people transform and connect to their highest Self. Yoga is a wonderful catalyst for change.

In order to change, we need to become aware of our actions. We have to want to change. We call this motivation or intention. If you want to change, you are already on the path to transformation because you have a glimmer of what you are seeking. Yoga teaches us that we are already that which we are seeking. Yoga leads us back to our innate goodness and wholeness that sometimes gets obscured.

Presently, I am studying my own patterns of behaviour, particularly the engrained ones. What are the habitual patterns that show up repeatedly in my life?  I am tracking these and inquiring what provokes this pattern. What is the need driving the behaviour?  By asking these questions, I call on my ability to use insight.  Insight is a skill that can be cultivated and is necessary to bring about change.

Yoga is a valuable practice if we seek change and want to unwind the not so helpful actions that we automatically repeat. When we consciously interrupt old ways of being and deliberately choose a different response, we establish the ground work for new and healthier pathways. Yoga supports this process by teaching us to pay attention. When we practice yoga regularly, we begin to see ourselves more clearly. We discover the value of slowing down our reactions. We find a gap between stimulus and response. Ultimately, we start to find inner peace and wisdom.

I am excited to be teaching Yoga Therapeutics at 889 Yoga on Tuesday mornings from 9:15 am -10:30 am where we might explore such material. If you are interested, check out the class description. I also teach individual therapeutic yoga sessions at Helix Healthcare Group in Yorkville. You can join me for a public drop in class Thursday afternoons from 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm.  

In addition to my public classes, I am available to teach you private yoga. Sessions are customized to your unique needs and aspirations. Please contact me if I may be of service.