Highlighting Yoga Therapeutics

Welcome, May. In this month’s newsletter I am highlighting a unique class I teach on Tuesday mornings 9:30-10:45 am at 889 Yoga called Yoga Therapeutics.

What is Yoga Therapeutics all about? In this class, which is workshop-like, we seek to understand ourselves more deeply by practicing the principle of svadyaya or self-study. Each class has an overarching theme under which we might explore mindful movement, pranayama (breath), restorative yoga, meditation, somatic exercises and discussion to foster connection to self and overall well-being. In a typical class format you will hear me talk about the theme, you will physically explore the theme in your body, reflect on your experience, and perhaps share your observations.

Exploring the Chakras

Beginning Tuesday, May 12th, join me for an exploration of the subtle body for the following seven weeks. In this class series, we will use the chakras as a framework (one chakra each week) to better understand ourselves, our behavioural patterns and begin to establish greater balance and harmony. Chakras, a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk, are organized up the spinal column and are centres for the reception, assimilation and transmission of life energies. We will work to improve the health of each chakra by doing exercises or postures to stimulate the corresponding area of the body. We might explore colours, sounds or elements associated with a chakra as well as tune into sensations and emotions associated with a particular chakra.

This seven week series will appeal to the curious yogi, one who has a foundation in yoga and is interested in more than asana. If you are involved in psychotherapy, these classes could serve as a companion piece to your work. Yoga teachers in training would also derive benefit from this class series. Students are encouraged to bring a journal and pen.  

It would be optimal, though not essential, to attend all classes in the series. Regular attendance will enable you to get the most out of your learning as each class will layer onto the previous one. 

Register online for my Yoga Therapeutic class at 889 Yoga or contact the studio directly at 416 925-7206. Registration is suggested to ensure a spot.  Class size is kept small to foster a sense of trust and intimacy. 

My teaching schedule can be found here.

I am also available for private yoga instruction. Please contact me directly if I may be of service. Teaching private yoga sessions allows me to tailor sessions to your own unique needs.