I look forward to fall – it is like a new beginning. After the more carefree, lazy days of summer, I relish more routine and structure. I am excited to dig into my life’s work, my passion – the spreading and dissemination of my yoga.

What is yoga to me and how do I wish to share it?

Martin Luther King wrote, “The highest form of maturity is self inquiry.” I want to know myself more deeply. This diving inward, Svadyaya, one of the 5 Niyamas or contracts with our self, is not for the faint of heart. Svadyaya means self study and it is deeply spiritual work. In addition to studying yoga philosophy with teacher, Hali Schwartz, I have embarked on a three year relational somatic psychotherapy course with Dr. Michael Sieck, founder of the Three Fold Way. It is through these relational experiences that opportunities arise to know self more deeply. There is no self without relationship.
I am honoured to share my learnings with you. When a soul descends into a body, it has a purpose. This purpose becomes a person’s unique dharma. Discovering our life purpose is vital work. To explore our dharma, we gently inquire, "Why am I here?  What is my purpose?" We listen quietly to our heart. In pursuit of further clarity, I continue to practice Svadyaya. 
I know I am stepping more fully into myself when I am in relationship with someone, helping them to connect more fully to themselves. My dharma is to serve as a helper, a guide and teacher. Through the tools of movement, breath, posture, meditation, conversation and quiet reflection I help you to discover more of yourself. Yoga is a vehicle for transformation. 

Awakening Self
Therapeutic Yoga Workshop at 889 Yoga: October 6 - 27

Join me for four consecutive Tuesdays mornings from 9:30 am -11:00 am at 889 Yoga for a therapeutic workshop series called, Awakening Self. Each class will investigate a theme that will ultimately help you to connect more fully with self. Read about this pre-registered Awakening Self workshop series by visiting the 889 Online Event Schedule. Register early as class size will be kept small to facilitate safety and trust. Class themes are:

  • Week 1:  Befriending Your Body
  • Week 2:  Becoming More Self-Aware
  • Week 3:  Cultivating Acceptance
  • Week 4:  Noticing Choice Points

Fall Studio Teaching Schedule

I continue to teach my Flow 1 yoga class at 10:00 am on Thursday mornings at 889 Yoga. I also love working privately with students at 889 Yoga. If this sounds appealing, connect with 889 Yoga to set up a private session with me in their tranquil, private yoga studio. Remember, yoga is broader than asana (physical postures). Sessions are tailored to your unique needs.
I also teach private classes and individuals at Helix Heathcare Group in Yorkville, a unique wellness facility specializing in mental health, addiction and trauma. One of my principle interests lies in how therapeutic movement and breath enhance emotional well-being. Starting on Friday, September 25, I will be teaching an ongoing Therapeutic Movement and Breath Exploration class. If you wish to attend this class, or book a private with me there, investigate www.helixhealthcaregroup.com.
Happy Fall.
Sending peace, love and light,