Happy March

I haven’t sent out a newsletter in several months. My oldest daughter has had some health issues that have taken a good deal of my attention. As a result, I have had the opportunity to contemplate what it means to heal. I am very grateful for my yoga and wellness community; for the relationships I have cultivated and for what I have learned over the years. This ordeal has clarified for me that listening, trust, compassion and kindness are essential ingredients for healing. More than ever, I am committed to bringing these qualities to my teaching.

Here's What I'm Up To

Teachingat 889 Yoga. Photo by Jay Crews.

Teachingat 889 Yoga. Photo by Jay Crews.

I continue to teach my  Flow 1 class at 889 Yoga on Thursday from 10:00 -11:00 am. Flow 1 is for the beginner to intermediate yoga student. Expect a safe, moderately paced class with a theme. For example, I might theme a class around “truth” - Satya in Sanskrit, the ancient language of yoga. My interpretation of flow means that I teach a step-by-step approach to poses (asana), linking breath and movement. I see asana as a body based meditation that allows us to better understand who we are. I offer modifications and encourage people to rest or challenge themselves as they need to. Props, like blocks, straps and the wall, may be used to support poses (asana). I sprinkle questions into my class to encourage personal reflection (Svadyaya). Often I lead a short breathing exercise (pranayama) and/or a meditation (dyhana). Five special minutes are reserved at the end of the class to enjoy a final resting pose to integrate and feel the effects of yoga during which I might read a poem or passage. My hope is that students leave having caught a glimpse of their own completeness. This is your invitation to try or re-visit Flow 1 Yoga.  

I teach a public Body Breath and Awakening Class at Helix Healthcare Group on Thursdays at 1:00 pm.  Pre-registration is required. Helix Healthcare is a unique wellness facility specializing in the recovery of addiction, mental health and trauma. Mental health is an important issue to me. Research has proven that yoga positively effects mental and psychological well-being. This is one of the main reasons I practice yoga. The therapeutic yoga class I teach at Helix explores different kinds of movement and stillness. Postures, meditation and breath are used to help students connect more fully to themselves. Anyone can attend, no previous yoga experience is necessary, and the class is kept small. I also teach clients privately at Helix. Curious? Connect with Helix Healthcare Group.  

Additionally, I see clients privately within the space of their own home, or in a private yoga studio at 889 Yoga.  I teach individuals, couples and small groups. If this interests you, reach out to me.   

I continue to study Relational Somatic Psychotherapy in a three year training program at Helix Healthcare Group with Dr. Michael Sieck, founder of the Three Fold Way.  

This May, I am excited to journey to India with my yoga philosophy teacher, Hali Schwartz. This pilgrimage will take me to the Himalaya, the heart of spiritual India.   Studying and teaching yoga is my passion and life's work. Yoga has been a helpful and trans-formative practice for me, and it is this that motivates me to share what has been so valuable in my own life. If I can help to guide you along your path to wellness, I would love to hear from you.