Announcing Complete Yoga

I am thrilled to be offering a new class to the 889 schedule. 
Complete Yoga launches on Tuesday, May 16th from 10 -11:15 am.

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What is Complete Yoga?

Yoga roughly translates to yoke or to join together. In Complete Yoga you will taste different aspects of yoga that are seamlessly integrated into one full experience. Students will arrive by centering themselves. From here you will flow into mindful movement in harmony with your breath. As the class winds down, expect to savour one or two restorative poses, then explore pranayama (breath work) and a short meditation before sliding into savasana. Classes will be designed around broad themes and elements of yoga philosophy will be interspersed. 

This class is well suited for those seeking a slower, more mindful yoga experience. If you are new to yoga, this would be a great place for you to begin to explore some of the different aspects of yoga. For the seasoned practitioner looking for a class encapsulating various elements of yoga, this class is also for you.

This 75 minute class invites students to experience their bodies, to breathe, to relax and restore, and to connect to themselves in meditation. Sometimes in yoga classes we don’t have the opportunity to really explore breath awareness or breathing techniques. It seems that there is not always the time allotted. In our culture, emphasis is frequently placed on speed, efficiency and performance. In this class we will focus on slowing down and feeling our interior experience, otherwise known as interoception, or what you feel on the inside of your body. One of the intentions of the Complete Yoga class is to foster and promote awareness and practice svadyaya (self study), a process that requires time and commitment. 

This is one of the primary reasons why I continue to practice yoga, to uncover who I am. Complete Yoga is the way that I like to practice. This class is a reflection of who I am and where I am at with my own yoga sadhana (practice). 

If this description has piqued your interest come out and join me on Tuesday mornings. I hope to see you there.