Discovering Clarity

Do you have the patience to wait
till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving
till the right action arises by itself?
— LAO-TZU, Tao-te-Ching
Clear, blue skies in Maine; my India for the Family Day Weekend.

Clear, blue skies in Maine; my India for the Family Day Weekend.

I am writing this newsletter on Family Day. This weekend my family went to Maine; I am not in India with my good friend Lisa Messina and nine other yogis. My eldest daughter, Lucie,  had unexpected hamstring surgery recently  for a leg condition that has been troubling and persistent. Instead of exploring yoga in South India, I am living my yoga here in the context of my family.

The week before I was to board a plane for Mumbai Lucie had surgery, and the decision of whether to travel to India or not nagged me, evoking anxiety. I had an authentic conversation with my friend and guide, Lisa, who told me that she wanted only the best for me and my family.  Her understanding attitude and acceptance offered me the space to tune in to my experience. I was able to connect to my inner compass. What unfolded was an experience of wading through feelings and thoughts and ultimately listening to my inner guidance.

I felt that I wanted to stay home and be present with my daughter. I felt this in my body. When I communicated this decision to Lisa, which was not easy (I have learned that I have a tendency to please and make people happy), I felt agitation diminish and I became more grounded. I felt clear that my yoga/union is meant to take place at home. This is my purpose. I am respecting and savouring this sense of clarity that is not always present. 

My current yoga is not particularly glamorous, exotic or exciting. Instead, it feels steadfast and patient (well, not always  100% patient), and sometimes tedious. I believe that healing occurs within the container of a loving, present relationship. This is what I want to attend to and do a good job of. Lucie is healing her leg and together she and I are nurturing our union. I am grateful that I was able to harness the principles and teachings of yoga to arrive at this important decision.

Silver Linings

When I was a student in an eight week Mindful Self Compassion course, we discussed and explored finding hidden value in suffering. The silver lining in this challenging situation for me is that I get to deepen and strengthen my relationship with Lucie. Here is a home practice question for you to consider: Is there a current difficulty in your life that might also have a silver lining and if so, what hidden lesson might be contained in your current dilemma?

Where to Find Me

I am teaching my regular classes at 889 Yoga, as well as seeing clients on Wednesdays at the Healing Therapy Alliance. Here are some reasons why you might want to see me at the HTA:

  • Deepen your understanding of yoga in all its realms.
  • Learn about meditation.
  • Become more mindful.
  • Build a home yoga practice.
  • You are struggling with difficult feelings or a situation and you want to learn to be with yourself in a more compassionate way.
  • You want to look at and transform habits that are no longer useful.

If any of these resonate with you, please book a session with me below. In the meantime, check into your body and inner experience several times a day. Ask yourself: What does my body feel like?  Is there something that my body is trying to communicate?  Can I listen in and gather the information? 

Online booking is now available! Follow the link below to make a Wednesday appointment with me at HTA.

I hope to see you soon. Stay tuned for my upcoming spring workshops.


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