Photo by Vanessa DeZutter at 889

Photo by Vanessa DeZutter at 889

Lisa offers yoga classes and workshops in Toronto and prides herself in teaching inclusive, welcoming classes that have a mindful quality. Lisa is also available to teach you in your own space. Gather a few friends or colleagues and she can teach you in an environment of your choosing. Contact her if this interests you.

Below you will find Lisa's class studio schedule. Private yoga instruction with Lisa is also available at 889 Community upon request.

The Flow

889 Community

10:00 - 11:00 am


Flow mindfully through postures while attuning to breath and intention. This class is moderately paced and modifications will be offered so that both newer and intermediate students can enjoy this practice, building strength, focus and flexibility. Expect some fluid sequencing and transitions, enabling you to connect to your body, breathe, mind, and spirit.

Some previous yoga experience is recommended.

Move and Meditate

889 Community

8:30 - 9:30 am


Ease into this slow, gentle practice that will allow you to cultivate space, relaxation and freedom. This class is an invitation to connect with your body and breath as you allow stress to fall away.  A combination of mindful movement, breath and restorative postures. The Ease is a practice that is accessible to all students seeking to nourish themselves and find balance. 

"The point of stretching isn't to see (or show) how far you can reach, or even to reach as far as you can, but... to pay attention."

– John Jerome