Lisa shares the practice of yoga in an accessible way, one that is directly applicable to modern living. She also offers Relational Somatic Healing sessions, allowing clients to safely explore obstacles blocking peace, connection and well-being. Lisa teaches both public and private yoga classes. Respect, compassion, and inclusivity guide Lisa’s approach to healing and wellness.


My Story

"Since my twenties, I have been fascinated by how people change and with human potential. My journey has been one of seeking, testing and questioning."

Yoga and
Mental Health

"I am passionate about helping individuals deal with mental health issues and have many years of experience working with people struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction. First hand experience with mental health issues has motivated me to share what I have found to be healing."

Relational Somatic Counselling

Somatic means dealing with the body, Relational Somatic Counselling is an integrated approach to counselling that addresses body, mind and spirit. If you are facing life challenges, consider working with me in this holistic way.

Private Yoga

Working one on one with people allows time for questions and discussion. Private yoga is a great way to deepen your yoga practice, study self, enhance skills and engage in self care.

Group Yoga
Class Schedule

Lisa offers yoga classes and workshops in Toronto and prides herself in teaching inclusive, welcoming classes that have a mindful quality. Gather a few friends or colleagues and she can teach you in an environment of your choosing.

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