Work with me Privately

“Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence. It is your bible, your encyclopedia, your life story.”

- Gabrielle Roth

Photo by Vanessa DeZutter at 889

Photo by Vanessa DeZutter at 889

I derive great satisfaction and meaning from teaching people privately. Working one on one with people allows time for questions and discussion.

Private Yoga

Private yoga is a great way to deepen your yoga practice, study self, enhance skills, and engage in self care. I believe that the point of a yoga practice is the mindful relationship developed with our selves through the vehicle of the body.  I wish to help people cultivate a healthy, curious and friendly relationship with their body. If you are new to yoga, this is a fantastic way to learn the fundamentals of the practice. Private yoga sessions with me are thoughtfully tailored to meet your specific needs. At the beginning of each session, time will be spent checking in with you. 

A private yoga session might explore several or one of the following elements:

  • dynamic asana (postures)

  • restorative yoga (supported yoga postures)

  • breath work (pranayama)

  • mindfulness

  • yoga philosophy

  • meditation (dhyana)

  • somatic movement inquiry

What do you need for your private session:

  • loose, comfortable clothing

  • water bottle

  • yoga mat if you have one, otherwise one can be provided

  • all other props will be provided

(Semi-private yoga sessions are also available and offer a unique opportunity to connect with a partner, friend, daughter, etc.)

Relational Somatic Healing

This is an integrated approach to healing that involves the body, mind and spirit. As a client, you will likely arrive with a specific challenge or area you wish to explore. You will be encouraged to connect with the felt sense of this challenge as it shows up in your body, eg., hollow chest, shallow breathing. We will connect present stress with previous woundings and begin to notice behavioural patterns that you have adopted to to keep yourself safe in the world, eg., perfectionism, care taking. Over time and with awareness, you will begin to create change in your life by noticing how and when you may be triggered and then choosing to adopt more healthy ways of coping.  With time and support, new ways of being in the world become solidified and old patterns fall away.


Where Can You Work with Me?

The Healing Therapy Alliance (HTA) -

I see clients on Mondays at 55 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 507 (Yonge and Eglinton) at the Healing Therapy Alliance. You may inquire about my sliding scale which can be discussed on an individual basis.

For more information, please email me at or schedule your appointment below:

889 Community -

You may see me in a private yoga studio at 889 Yoga, located on Yonge Street, just south of the Rosedale subway station. Necessary props and equipment can be provided. Please contact me directly to book a session.

Private Yoga Group Offerings -

 I am available to teach private group events. Examples include:

  • workplace/corporate yoga: single class or ongoing classes, workshops, lunch and learns

  • birthdays

  • bridal showers

  • family gatherings

  • day-long retreats

For individual, semi-private or private group practice, please contact Fees are based on location and group size.