Students + Clients

I am deeply grateful for all the past and present students of Yoga who have shared this experience with me. Thank you for coming  to my classes and private sessions.  Here is some feedback:

Helping Professionals

I value collaborating with different health professionals. Here are  some of their impressions of my work:

I had the privilege of taking private meditation and mindfulness classes, as well as relational somatic healing sessions, with Lisa over a period of approximately eighteen months. This was at a very difficult time in my life as my long term marriage had ended. Lisa is a warm and patient guide and she helped me to understand myself in profound ways. She shared tools that helped me navigate relationships and she also helped me to achieve better communication. Lisa provides sound advice when you feel most lost. Lisa is an exceptional talent and a wise and caring person. She is unique. I can not recommend Lisa highly enough. Her teaching and wisdom have changed all aspects of my life.
— Rob Dickson

I have had the honor and pleasure of working closely with Lisa over the last few years at Helix Healthcare Group. We have collaborated and consulted in the context of serving our mutual clients, and Lisa has consistently performed her healing work with mastery and compassion. Lisa is vastly knowledgeable, deeply intuitive and intently focused on connecting with each of her clients in order to meet their individual needs. I continue to refer clients to Lisa as I wholeheartedly trust her unique expertise and her authentic way of relating.
— Monica Ward, Therapist
I discovered Lisa Mitchell’s yoga class when I was taking care of my mother. I enjoyed the flow of Lisa’s classes, and the physical challenge kept my mind off things. I loved the poems that Lisa read at the end of class. They taught me about mindfulness and were a great remedy for pulling myself out of my sorrowful state. After my mum died, yoga classes gave me a predictable routine in an otherwise upside down world, without my best friend and biggest fan by my side. I often spent Savasana with tears streaming down my face. Death is hard but knowing you have someone there to help really makes those dark lonely days more bearable. Taking private yoga classes with Lisa allowed me to access yoga on a deeper level since Lisa is super intuitive and was able to steer me toward more of a transformative practice. Over almost five years together, Lisa has taught me how to use yoga and breath to calm my nervous system, relax or energize myself and promote overall healing.
— Cat Doncaster
I consider myself blessed to have Lisa as my private yoga instructor. I initially took Lisa’s introductory Yoga course (which I highly recommend) and eventually progressed to taking private classes. She is a great combination of positive energy and balance – she helps guide and train you and ensures that you are progressing both physically and mentally. Many days I go into my session full of stress – she is able to methodically bring me back to a quiet place and focus on my practice.

When I began taking private lessons I was at a breaking point of stress – her sessions have helped me better cope, not just in class, but throughout my life. She is a great guide in yoga and mindfulness. I cannot recommend Lisa highly enough – her teaching and guidance has been exceptionally positive in all aspects of my life.
— Colin Fisher
My ongoing private yoga lessons with Lisa have changed my life and my daily outlook. Her classes are very clear, challenging and inspiring. I look forward to my practice every time I go. Lisa is so dedicated to the teachings of yoga, and her love for the practice shines through. I am so thankful that I have met Lisa.
— Carla, Private Yoga Student
I feel privileged to have Lisa Mitchell as my yoga instructor. The first thing you will notice is her gentle and welcoming spirit. She teaches with a lot of love and compassion and is dedicated to each student’s well-being.
— Laura, Yoga Student
Lisa couples a deep wisdom with joyful vitality in her classes. Drawing from her extensive knowledge of yoga and meditation, each class feels customized and personalized to meet the student where he/she is that day in his/her practice. I invoke Lisa’s lessons throughout the day for relaxation and perspective. Working with her has helped me make a positive transition to health and mindfulness.
— Natasha Milijasevic, Yoga Student
As a highly trained yoga practitioner, Lisa Mitchell brings depth, grounding and an uplifting quality to her varied classes. Whether active, restorative or meditative, her gentle, thoughtful and nurturing spirit lends itself to any level or ability.
— Nina Dorey, Yoga Student
Lisa is a wonderful teacher; she is mindful and creative. I love the peaceful & fluid rhythm of her classes. I respect her solid knowledge of the fundamentals of yoga which she is always generous to share. She always has time for questions and also a big smile for her students. I enjoy her meaningful poems or thoughts at the end of the class that I take home with me.
— Marianne, Yoga Student
I can highly recommend yoga and meditation with Lisa Mitchell for patients who suffer from anxiety and depression. She is a very knowledgable teacher, with very warm energy and compassion. She understands how anxiety and depression impacts people’s physical and emotional well being. She designs her classes to encompass a series of yoga poses which help strengthen and ground people’s physical and emotion well being. Patients learn to feel more grounded, open, and learn to work with breath, which are essential tools for managing stress and anxiety. As a psychotherapist I am recommending Lisa to a number of my patients as an additional tool for managing their anxiety and depression.
— Erika Engel, Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist